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Join Sketch Artist and his rotating cast of friends as they break down what’s going on in the world, break down new music, and break down each other.


February 17, 2020

“Returning 2-24″

Open Season Podcast will resume normal scheduling next Week. Maintenance must be done to retain a certain level of quality that we've all come to expect. Please understand this is not the new normal to miss episodes, and we look forward to growing in 2020.

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February 10, 2020

“Free The Willy”

Nicki Minaj dropped a New Song and the debate was had, do we need this? (00:11:12) What weird conversations came out of 'What Are You Playing'? (00:25:55) Was Nick Cannon serious about the Race Card? (01:03:50) And Sketch has finally had enough.. he comes out at full force towards Terrance in a New Song (01:23:15).

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February 3, 2020


Recording just hours before Super Bowl Kickoff, Sketch and Tez-J debate Lil Wayne's 'Funeral' (00:49:10). Who was underwhelmed? Who wasn't? What do we want from Lil Wayne moving forward? And Sketch finally gives 'Sound Clouders' their flowers for their decision in life (00:02:12). And who's the better follow, Tomi Lahren or Demi Lovato?

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January 27, 2020

“B B King”

This Episode opens up with the loss of Kobe Bryant and what we think the conversation should be based on. Orlando Brown helps loosen the show up with what he had to say (00:34:21), Lil Wayne announces 'Funeral' will be dropped in less than a Week (00:45:10), and Atlantic Records is trying to make up rules for Podcasts and is coming after Open Season (01:02:34) and Sketch isn't having it.

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After a Conner VS Cowboy recap, the Show kicks off 'What Are You Playing and What Are You Playing' (00:18:20) Redman "Slap Da $#!T Oucha" Tez-J "Overkill". YouTube is AdverPurging young Content Creators (00:38:10), Eminem's Album shadow dropped and Sketch deep dives (00:48:12), and Mac Miller's "Circles" closes out the Episode... (01:11:09)

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January 13, 2020

“It’s SNOT A Game”

Kicking off with 'What Are You Playing and What Are You Playing' (00:14:14) IDK's "Porno" and Drake's "Back to Back". Justin Beiber gave instructions in how to consume his New Album (00:46:40), Drake and Future drop their New Joint (01:06:20), A New Mac Miller Album was announced (01:16:19), and Sketch and Tez-J Break down the Cassidy nonsense (01:32:30).

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January 6, 2020

“You Nasty”

Kicking off with 'What Are You Playing and What Are You Playing' Don Toliver and The Godfather get Showcased, Sketch Artist unveils a NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD Track (00:23:10) while Tez and Terrance Live react, And Sketch and Tez-J debate Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber (00:45:45). This Episode also Touches on: Lil Wayne's 'I Feel Like Dying' and Rap Culture (01:25:30), Twitch Girl Fail (01:13:25), and The Year Ahead (01:30:02).

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December 30, 2019

“Pen Game”

Kicking off with 'Old Music released as New' (00:01:10) Sketch weighs in on Today's Climate in Content Creation. Tez-J walks back his Star Wars take and Sketch walks back his Cardi take (00:14:20). And Drake acknowledges Music and Ghost Writers, is it time to accept it? (01:32:16) This Week's 'What Are You Playing and What Are You Playing' (00:30:13) J Cole 'Head Bussa' Don Toliver 'Can't Feel My Legs' Lil Pump 'Coronoa Now'.

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December 23, 2019

“Who Wore It Better?”

After Miss Kentucky and Tekashi face 2 years (00:1:15) The Show finally rolls into 'What Are You Playing and What Are You Playing' (00:16:42) Duke Deuce 'Crunk Ain't Dead' Rod Wave 'Hard Times' Lil Wayne 'Gimme Brain'. Trump was "Impeached" (00:47:20), Nick Cannon VS Eminem turned into Sketch VS Tez-J (00:53:10), Who Wore It Better? A$AP Rocky, Steph Curry, or DaBaby? (01:23:15) And is Star Wars any good? (00:37:18).

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December 16, 2019

“Chinless Chicks”

Kicking off with 'What Are You Playing and What Are You Playing' Sketch and Tez-J discussed Father "Family Function" (00:09:16). Nick Cannon's "Pray For Him" opened up the debate of Eminem's Character and his verse that started it all (00:19:20). And who had the Worst Bars Of The Decade? (01:19:13) This episode also touches on: Production Samples, proper chins, and John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 (01:41:58).

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