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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist and The Show Director (and sometimes Terrance) as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music and Gaming while letting the jokes run rampant. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.


Jumping right into What are you playing and What are you playing: Kash Doll 'Kitten' and Lil Nas X 'Panini' which led to Sketch claiming that Lil Nas X's Album was shockingly great and went further to say he's the greatest Country Singer of all time (00:01:30). Cardi B's run might finally be halted since being indicted (00:34:50) is Sketch hopeful? Are there something to these Drake Allegations? (00:45:55) And what are the rules in Reviewing Albums? Sketch reviewed 'Clique Viscous' and reflected on the feedback and the review process in general (01:12:45). This episode also touches on: O.J. Simpson Twitter knife fights (00:57:30), Old Nicki VS New Nicki (01:24:05), and Metal Carrie burns it all down and Sketch has some thoughts (01:08:20).

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June 17, 2019

“Father’s Day”

What are you playing and what are you playing kicked off with: Panic! At The Disco 'Hey Look Ma, I Made It', and Lil Wayne 'Stuntin Like My Daddy' which started the conversation of Father's Day. Sketch's Father passed and he went on to name him The Half Ass of the Week (01:08:00). Sketch discovered his Boss has a YouTube Show (00:52:15) and began to question his work relationships. And O.J. Simpson finally made his way over to Twitter (00:32:50). This Episode also touches on Miley Cyrus apologizing to Black People, Drake forgetting history, Clique Viscous Reaction details, The NBA Finals, and Sketch saying things that he really shouldn't.

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June 10, 2019

“Self Doubt”

The Show kicked off with What are you Playing and What are you Playing: MGK 'Live Fast Die Young', Tupac 'When Thugs Cry', Tee Grizzley 'No Talkin' (00:01:12). Dj Khaled didn't like his Album underperforming against Tyler The Creator (00:36:40) but should he be entitled to feel that way? Joyner Lucas announces a New App to help protect Creators and their intellectual property (00:51:25) from being leaked or being out right taken from them. A Clique Vicious Announcement (01:24:20) goes from updates, to Sketch completely doubting his own abilities as a Musician. This Episode also touches on: Lil Xan pulling a gun out, Ja Rule making good points for once, Sketch feeling violated, and what is Google Stadia?

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June 3, 2019

“The Joking”

The show kicked off with What are you playing and What are you playing (00:01:00) Lil Pump 'Like Me', Big Krit 'Get Away', Cardi B 'Press' and Sketch began to make Terrance uncomfortable with his jokes. And throughout the show it gets progressively worse, to which Terrance acknowledges it by the end. Is it RIP iTunes? (00:33:00) Some Iggy Nudes? (00:37:04) Bad Meets Evil 2? (00:47:44) And the Show Director reads her List of Gripes about Open Season Podcast Work life (01:21:08). This Episode also touches on Logic's Album, Clique Vicious' Release date, Al 2 One phone in, and 'Reader Mail'.

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May 27, 2019


What are you Playing and What are you Playing (00:01:40) kicked off with 2 Chainz 'Momma I Hit A Lick', GQ 'Come On Home', Cardi B 'Wish Wish'. Sketch discussed calling into The Kill Show (00:27:05) and expressing that Killer Ken gives him too much credit. Lil Nas X is proving what we already know with his Wrangler Deal (01:11:00). And what exactly is the '10 Album Challenge'? (01:48:00) This Episode also touches on EA's Hair Trailer, Dr Dre and Detox, Eminem's Rapping Techniques, and how many pedophiles are near Open Season's new building.

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May 20, 2019

“Double Podding”

The Show returned catching up on everything that happened in the last couple of weeks with a lot of Sketch tangents along the way. What are you playing and What are you playing (00:03:20) Flying Lotus 'More', Jonas Brothers 'Sucker', and Sketch chose The Lego Movie Song. Recording this Episode was right before Sketch and Terrance were going to see The Joe Budden Podcast which raised the question, who would go see conversation? (00:23:42) Why are Comedians writing Horror? (00:53:20) And what did the Show think of Logic's New Album? (01:13:30) This Episode also touches on Eminem and Meek Mill Music, Taylor Swift and her dirty legs, and Sketch trying to Manufacture Helium.

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May 6, 2019


What are you Playing and What are you Playing (00:01:40) Childish Gambino '3005', Audi O 'Licks', and Coolio 'Gangsta's Paradise'. The News segment kicked off with Logic and Eminem's 'Homicide' song, and Sketch Artist tackled the exact reasons why he doesn't like either Artist. Sketch, Terrance, and the Show Director discuss Vagina Lasering (00:43:30) thanks to Cardi B's IG. And K. Michelle called out Country Music (01:12:40) giving us a deeper look into a bigger issue. This Episode also touches on John Singleton, Teen Mom 2, and a MCU Comparison that might make people mad but is accurate.

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April 29, 2019

“Spoiler Etiquette”

What are you playing and What are you playing kicked off with Childish Gambino 'Sweatpants', and Waka Flaka 'Karma Pt.2' (01:01:16). What is the 'Spoiler Etiquette' exactly? Who's responsible for the Spoil? (00:16:37). Travis Scott VS DJ Paul in 'Who owes who money for lyrics' (00:35:40). A Parrot was a ride or die (00:58:45), so who was The Half Ass? This Episode also touches on Drake being underrated, T-Pain life advice, Division 2 being the greatest game of all time, NBA Playoffs, and wearing Sweatpants at the Strip Club.

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April 22, 2019

“So Bizarre”

It's Easter Weekend so What are you playing and What are you playing (00:02:50) kicked off the show with good loose discussion until the topic of Bizarre saying Eminem was Top 5 (00:38:03). Beyoncé is God level with preparation (01:01:05), And Chris Brown is a Half Ass for Touring with Nicki Minaj (01:03:50). This Episode also touches on Jesus being a Zombie, Time Machine's and the Hitler Rule, and Apple being an example of lazy Subscription Models (01:16:15).

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What are you playing and what are you playing brought up the conversation of Boosie Badazz calling out his fans for not downloading his Music (00:02:51) and Sketch feeling intimidated, Kodak Black is the new Rap Villain (00:18:00) and isn't backing down to anyone, Real-Life Battle Royale details (00:29:39) were leaked and the Open Season Podcast Crew explains how they would win, and a Dead Comic is The Half Ass of the Week (00:41:26). This Episode also touches on Drake Culture Vulture activities in the U.K., Cardi B done being a role model, a weird deep dive into Arianna Grande, and stories of Sketch's friends at the Strip Club.

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