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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist, Terrance, and The Show Director as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music while letting the jokes run rampant. From Hot Takes to Listener Submissions, everyone can be involved. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.


October 14, 2019

“Big Daddy Terrance”

Kicking off with 'What are you playing and what are you playing' (00:02:01) Tyga 'UNO Remix', Sweezee Don 'House Party', Tez-J 'No Games', and listener submitted: Gucci Mane 'Tootsies'. So how exactly can we discuss Cassidy VS Arsonal? (00:41:46) What's real and not real with Tekashi69 "signing a $10 Million Record Deal"? (00:52:30) And does Jared Leto need to just shut up already? (01:21:30) This Episode also touches on: DMX DMX'ing again (01:28:15), Tyler Perry gets his flowers (01:05:00), and Sketch and Terrance swap Ghost Stories (00:26:12).

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October 7, 2019


Kicking off with 'What are you playing and what are you playing': (00:01:40) Young Thug ft Lil Baby 'Bad Bad Bad', Jeezy 'Trappin' Ain't Dead', Gucci Mane ft. Meek Mill 'Backwards'. 50 Cent confirms that he is making a Tekashi69 Movie after all (00:42:30). Tom Holland places some plums on the table to discuss the Spider-Man Franchise (00:46:35). And what ever happened to James Franco and those allegations? (00:50:40) This Episode also touches on: Terrance hating Sketch's Community (00:18:13), IT Chapter 2 Review (01:20:40), and Stupid Drug User Stories (00:33:04).

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September 30, 2019


Kicking off with 'What are you playing and What are you playing' (00:07:00) Drake 'Money in The Grave' BIG K.R.I.T 'Drinking Sessions' and Kendrick Lamar 'Big Shot'. Kanye West brought his Church Service to Detroit (00:33:40) and Sketch can't help but doubt his intentions. Cassidy VS Arsonal (00:50:40) Sketch and Terrance predict different winners. And Hermit and the Recluse 'Golden Fleece' VS Savior Monroe 'Past Self' UPDATE. Sketch calls Savior Monroe in the 3rd Segment in wake of Last Week's 'Plagiarism' Episode to discuss what was said (01:19:20).

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September 23, 2019


Kicking off with 'What are you playing and What are you playing' (00:00:35): Chris Brown 'Need A Stack' Ludacris 'Act A Fool' Listener Submitted, The HU 'Wolf Totem'. Tekashi 69 is officially giving his Statements (00:31:30), Ash Ketchum is officially a Pokémon Master (00:36:45), and J Cole is officially done with everyone (00:46:40). This Episode also touches on Plagiarism in the 3rd Segment (01:06:08), pitting Hermit and the Recluse 'Golden Fleece' against Savior Monroe 'Past Self'. Was this Biting? Copying? Love? Coincidence? Sketch does his best to unpack this Bombshell.

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September 16, 2019

“Five Hundred Dollars”

Kicking off with 'What are you playing and What are you playing' (00:01:34) King Louie 'Feelin like a Billion Dollars' Future ft Meek Mill '100 Shooters' and listener submitted Danny Brown 'Dirty Laundry'. Lord Jamar refuses to listen to White or Female Rappers (00:49:15). Chance The Rapper says Cardi and Nicki were pushed into Beef (01:05:20) and Sketch tells a few stories where he was pushed into Beef. And why is Joyner Lucas giving away $500 a day? (01:25:07). This Episode also touches on Chapelle and Burr Stand Up backlash (01:38:19).

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September 9, 2019

“My Guys”

Kicking off with 'What are you Playing and What are you Playing' (00:12:45): Big K.R.I.T. 'HERE', HitMaka 'Thot Box', Fat Joe 'YES'. The Open Season Podcast Crew finally reunites (00:01:20) and Terrance tells us about his trip to Africa. Nicki Minaj announced her retirement (00:38:44) and a looking back at her career to now, what is her legacy? Why is Rick Ross pooping the bed? (01:08:40) And is Mental Health now Officially Corny? (01:39:15) Sketch Artist attempts to further the discussion while holding some feet to the fire.

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September 2, 2019

“The Old Days”

Kicking off with 'What are you playing and What are you playing' (00:02:13) Cardi B 'Bodak Yellow', A$AP Rocky 'Babushka Boi', Listener Submitted Post Malone 'Circles'. Chappelle's Stand Up 'Sticks and Stones' caused controversy (00:28:12) and Sketch attempts a messy clean up. Eminem sent a Tweet (00:40:01) and Sketch and his Guest Vinny Ricco have a debate. And who is Vinny Ricco? (01:10:13) Why did he intern for the MOB? Why does he have exclusive Bob Seger Intel? (01:29:07) How much did Sketch make up? This Episode also touches on: Blues Clues News (01:09:30), Lil Wayne's Album (00:52:29), and a Parody send off to the Old Days (01:45:41).

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August 26, 2019


Kicking off with What are you playing and What are you Playing (00:01:30): Jeezy '4Play', Missy Elliot 'Throw It Back', Taylor Swift 'Cruel Summer', and Complxx 'Black Sheep'. Rumors and speculation are surrounding Jay-Z (00:28:20) and his 'involvement' with the NFL. DJ AK points out a few reasons of why Nicki Minaj can't compete with Cardi (00:38:12). And Sketch Artist did a LIVE REACTION Video for the Iron Hyde Album (01:05:30). How did it go? Was there backlash? What does our special guest Complxx have to do with any of it? This Episode also touches on: Sony VS Disney (00:50:02), Thug VS Wayne (00:45:00), and Kidney Stones turning into Triplets (00:57:35).

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August 19, 2019

“We’re Depressed”

Kicking off with What are you playing and What are you playing (00:02:20): NAV 'Tap', DaBaby 'Pink Toes', Listener Submitted Macklemore 'Shadow'. Does Katy Perry need to be removed from society (00:37:46)? Sketch gives his opinions to Terrance about Terrance going to Africa (00:43:10). And Sketch and Terrance take a Depressed Test (00:58:46). This Episode also touches on: Netflix's Final Push (01:14:55), Porn Star Money (00:51:11), and Sketch's Brother dealing with torment (00:31:09).

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August 12, 2019

“Hot Girl Summer”

Kicking off with What are you playing and What are you playing (00:01:50): MEG ft Nicki Minaj 'Hot Girl Summer' Rick Ross 'Showcase Segment' Listener submitted, NF 'The Search'. Walmart is taking down Depictions of Violence and Video Games are getting hit the hardest (00:54:45). The Top 50 Rapper Lists are getting completely out of hand and Sketch cites why (01:07:30). And just when is an endorsement doing more damage than good? (01:28:33) This Episode also touches on: Integrity for Content Creators (01:45:00), Joe Biden thinks 'poor' is 'minority' (01:26:27), and New Sketch Artist and Open Season Podcast Website updates.

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