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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist, Terrance, and The Show Director as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music while letting the jokes run rampant. From Hot Takes to Listener Submissions, everyone can be involved. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.

November 11, 2018


Slim Jesus has made a return with his "Exposure Accolade" (00:04:10) and Sketch weighs in on why he thought this was a good move, Spotify Premium Givaway Details (00:14:10), Nicki VS Cardi "Accolade Edition" (00:30:25), Drake write a Letter to a Fan (00:47:00), And Missy Elliot earns the ultimate "Accolade" Writer HOF Nom (01:03:53), and The Sketch Synopsis (01:29:50) on being honest about your BS.

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