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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist, Terrance, and The Show Director as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music while letting the jokes run rampant. From Hot Takes to Listener Submissions, everyone can be involved. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.

May 27, 2019


What are you Playing and What are you Playing (00:01:40) kicked off with 2 Chainz 'Momma I Hit A Lick', GQ 'Come On Home', Cardi B 'Wish Wish'. Sketch discussed calling into The Kill Show (00:27:05) and expressing that Killer Ken gives him too much credit. Lil Nas X is proving what we already know with his Wrangler Deal (01:11:00). And what exactly is the '10 Album Challenge'? (01:48:00) This Episode also touches on EA's Hair Trailer, Dr Dre and Detox, Eminem's Rapping Techniques, and how many pedophiles are near Open Season's new building.

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