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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist, Terrance, and The Show Director as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music and Gaming while letting the jokes run rampant. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.


August 19, 2019

“We’re Depressed”

Kicking off with What are you playing and What are you playing (00:02:20): NAV 'Tap', DaBaby 'Pink Toes', Listener Submitted Macklemore 'Shadow'. Does Katy Perry need to be removed from society (00:37:46)? Sketch gives his opinions to Terrance about Terrance going to Africa (00:43:10). And Sketch and Terrance take a Depressed Test (00:58:46). This Episode also touches on: Netflix's Final Push (01:14:55), Porn Star Money (00:51:11), and Sketch's Brother dealing with torment (00:31:09).

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August 12, 2019

“Hot Girl Summer”

Kicking off with What are you playing and What are you playing (00:01:50): MEG ft Nicki Minaj 'Hot Girl Summer' Rick Ross 'Showcase Segment' Listener submitted, NF 'The Search'. Walmart is taking down Depictions of Violence and Video Games are getting hit the hardest (00:54:45). The Top 50 Rapper Lists are getting completely out of hand and Sketch cites why (01:07:30). And just when is an endorsement doing more damage than good? (01:28:33) This Episode also touches on: Integrity for Content Creators (01:45:00), Joe Biden thinks 'poor' is 'minority' (01:26:27), and New Sketch Artist and Open Season Podcast Website updates.

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August 5, 2019

“You A Bop”

Kicking off with What are you playing and what are you playing (00:02:03): 'Boyfriend' Ariana Grande, 'Ill' Young Dolph, 'Bop' Tyga, listener submission 'All Hail Vagina' Whizper. Why are there so many Artists' explaining their depression before releasing an Album? (00:32:28) Is Joyner Lucas really waiting another 5 years to Release 'ADHD'? (00:38:53) And Does Sketch honestly believe in "Ugly People Logic"? (01:26:15) This Episode also touches on: Jim Carey having a point with Sonic Movie backlash (00:47:12), Lil Nas X officially breaking The Billboard Chart Record (00:42:10), and Open Season benefitting from Ninja leaving Twitch (01:10:13).

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July 29, 2019

“Hot Summer”

Kicking off with What are you playing and what are you playing (00:01:25): 'Bad Guy' Billie Eilish, 'At Me' F L A C O, 'Grizzy' You're Not F****** Up My Summer, and Listener Submitted 'Bang' Conway ft Eminem. Tyler The Creator dropped the hottest freestyle of the Summer (00:52:40). Lil Nas X is Tweeting back and forth with Pornhub and the possibilities are endless (01:16:30). Netflix's 'I Am Mother' gets Reviewed by Sketch and The Show Director (01:33:34). This Episode also touches on: A Little girl VS A Bison (01:29:11), Trolls in Sketch's Game Chat winning, and Buff Necks.

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Kicking off with What are you playing and What are you playing (00:01:40): Ed Sheeran 'South of the Border' Eazy-E 'Real Muthphuckkkin' G's' and a Mystery Artist that Sketch later says is better than Eazy-E. Kelly Clarkson gives Taylor Swift very dumb Artist to Artist advice (00:46:23). Lil Wayne actually acknowledges Music needs to be released (01:07:40). And an innocent conversation about Ice Cream takes a turn for the worse (01:34:00). This Episode also touches on: 13 Reasons Why Edit (00:55:45), Twerk Pits at Concerts (01:04:10), and Peppa Pig Releasing new Music (01:21:10).

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Kicking off with What are you playing and what you are playing (00:02:03): Montana Of 300 'Envy Me' Post Malone Young Thug 'Goodbyes' and the debate on Post Malone's Music is settled. Open Season Podcast and other small businesses got let go by Affiliate CPRX and Sketch speaks in an open fashion about it all from Start up to Blow up (00:38:30). Lil Wayne is being accused of being lazy and comfortable with not making Music by Sketch (01:19:02). And Stranger Things 3 Finale Spoilercast (01:43:16). Was the Finale Good? Bad? Did it anger Sketch? This Episode also touches on: Tyga is 'Light Skin' and proud, Lamar Odem is The Half A** of the Week, and we address the cowards at Anti-Tobacco.

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July 8, 2019

“Nancy Drew”

Kicking off with What are you playing and what are you playing (00:01:40) MGK 'El Diablo', Fly Young Red 'Shake That Boy P****', and Fergie 'Fergalicious', Sketch purposed that Terrance was trying to let us all know something. Lil Nas X came out as Gay and there are 3 different ways it's being taken publicly (00:45:20). Little Mermaid backlash ensues when Disney finds their leading Actress (00:54:30). And Stranger Things Season 3 is upon us, what does Sketch Artist and The Show Director think so far? (01:35:05) This Episode also touches on: Bad Stage Performance and excuses from Arianna Grande (01:20:20), a Disney Passing (01:07:10), and Racist slippers (01:10:50).

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July 1, 2019


This weird Episode kicked off with What are you playing and what are you playing (00:01:25): Gunna 'Gotta Get Paid', Tez-J 'No Games', Complxx 'Lead Based Paint'. Chaka Khan spoke her truth but is Kanye West's 'Through The Wire' garbage? (00:39:00) Cardi B, Eminem and Logic, Al 2 One and KPZ all dropped Music Videos this week (01:13:30). Which Video scared us? Which Video confused us? Which Video derailed the Show? And does Bizarre from D-12 have the means to help local Rappers? (01:32:10) This Episode also touches on: O.J. on Twitter, what's a 'Foofy', and what it's like to be 'The Bad Boys' of Podcasting.

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Jumping right into What are you playing and What are you playing: Kash Doll 'Kitten' and Lil Nas X 'Panini' which led to Sketch claiming that Lil Nas X's Album was shockingly great and went further to say he's the greatest Country Singer of all time (00:01:30). Cardi B's run might finally be halted since being indicted (00:34:50) is Sketch hopeful? Are there something to these Drake Allegations? (00:45:55) And what are the rules in Reviewing Albums? Sketch reviewed 'Clique Viscous' and reflected on the feedback and the review process in general (01:12:45). This episode also touches on: O.J. Simpson Twitter knife fights (00:57:30), Old Nicki VS New Nicki (01:24:05), and Metal Carrie burns it all down and Sketch has some thoughts (01:08:20).

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June 17, 2019

“Father’s Day”

What are you playing and what are you playing kicked off with: Panic! At The Disco 'Hey Look Ma, I Made It', and Lil Wayne 'Stuntin Like My Daddy' which started the conversation of Father's Day. Sketch's Father passed and he went on to name him The Half Ass of the Week (01:08:00). Sketch discovered his Boss has a YouTube Show (00:52:15) and began to question his work relationships. And O.J. Simpson finally made his way over to Twitter (00:32:50). This Episode also touches on Miley Cyrus apologizing to Black People, Drake forgetting history, Clique Viscous Reaction details, The NBA Finals, and Sketch saying things that he really shouldn't.

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