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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist, Terrance, and The Show Director as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music while letting the jokes run rampant. From Hot Takes to Listener Submissions, everyone can be involved. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.

June 24, 2019

“Hung Up On The D***”

Jumping right into What are you playing and What are you playing: Kash Doll 'Kitten' and Lil Nas X 'Panini' which led to Sketch claiming that Lil Nas X's Album was shockingly great and went further to say he's the greatest Country Singer of all time (00:01:30). Cardi B's run might finally be halted since being indicted (00:34:50) is Sketch hopeful? Are there something to these Drake Allegations? (00:45:55) And what are the rules in Reviewing Albums? Sketch reviewed 'Clique Viscous' and reflected on the feedback and the review process in general (01:12:45). This episode also touches on: O.J. Simpson Twitter knife fights (00:57:30), Old Nicki VS New Nicki (01:24:05), and Metal Carrie burns it all down and Sketch has some thoughts (01:08:20).

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