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Wake up every Monday with Sketch Artist, Terrance, and The Show Director as they dissect the biggest Topics in Music while letting the jokes run rampant. From Hot Takes to Listener Submissions, everyone can be involved. To support the show visit: Patreon.com/sketchartist and be a part of the program.

January 21, 2019

“The Let Down”

The show opens right up with the Cultural Impact that Soulja Boy has had over the passed decade. Chris Brown is in trouble with Tampa Police (00:30:50), over a violence charge and the prediction of probation was made. Tamponpalooza (01:08:30), features a Charity started by Ken Brass which begs the question... should people be banned from his business? Sketch Artist then lets the jokes fly with a story involving women, drunks, and violence (01:20:05)

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